Political Courant is a Scottish analytical magazine on Scottish, European and global politics. The magazine is published by European Merchants, the political analysis firm based in Edinburgh and led by Anthony Salamone. Launched in March 2021, Political Courant publishes comment and analysis from experts and practitioners on major questions of the day. In particular, the magazine covers European and international affairs from Scottish perspectives and beyond.

Editor & Publisher

Anthony Salamone

Anthony Salamone

Anthony Salamone FRSA is Editor and Publisher of Political Courant. Anthony is the Founder and Managing Director of European Merchants, the Scottish political analysis firm based in Edinburgh. He is an experienced editor, having edited and published hundreds of comment and analysis articles by academics and practitioners at all career stages. Among his past editorial roles, Anthony created and was Founding Managing Editor of European Futures, the University of Edinburgh’s academic blog on European affairs, and he served as Assistant Editor of the LSE European Politics and Policy academic blog. He has also written op-eds, articles, briefings, chapters, evidence, papers and major reports.

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